1. There is Definitely Money to Be Made
It’s a long shot, sure, but the are definitely bloggers who make lots of money blogging. Think Perez Hilton. That guy has not just made a fortune, but has become a household name and a major player in pop culture. It is a very attainable goal to make a livable wage blogging.

2. It’s a More Modern Approach to Gaining Recognition as a Writer
As one friend recently commented, “I thought authors made money writing short stories for the Saturday Evening Post and getting drunk with bull fighters, but I guess this is more 21st century.” Have you ever gone on a first date, or met a new coworker, and immediately Googled that person? No shame. Most hiring manager’s begin their candidate selection with a quick Google search. It’s how people learn about each other now. It might be creepy, but it’s the way it is. Get on board. This is a great way to build a portfolio.

3. A Little Research With Craigslist Gave Me a Major Revelation
Confession time: I screwed with my fellow freelance writer’s recently. I posted a phony Craigslist advertisement, soliciting editorial help. The kind of basic writing and editing work that frankly, almost anyone with an English degree is qualified for. I got over a hundred response, over sixty in the first 48 hours alone. And it wasn’t just twenty-five year old state school graduate schmucks like me. There were three members of Harvard University faculty. I realized that sending lackluster responses to countless Craigslist ads would never be profitable. I had to Even if I’m not the world’s most qualified writer and editor, I still have value to offer.

4. It Let’s Me Justify Spending Energy on an Outside Interest
I love to write. I do. But I can only stare at the thirteen inch screen of my laptop for so many hours a day before I want to pull my hair out. So I would go mess around in the vegetable patch to release some pent up energy and relax. Why not write about it. Now, when my fiancé asks me why I’m not writing, I can say I’m doing research. Score!

5. I Retain a Shred of Dignity
If your are a freelance writer, and you have spent fifteen minutes with Google, than you know that there are loads of websites that claim to offer you the ability to make money as a freelancer, but actually promote services whereby a writer can make five or ten bucks writing a poorly researched, poorly edited article about something uninteresting to both the reader and the writer. I have a college degree. I don’t want to write and make less per hour than I did as a liquor store clerk. There is a very good reason that a great deal of this sort of work gets outsourced to places like India and Taiwan. If you barely need to speak English to write it, do you really want your name associated with it?

6. I Am Totally Self-Employed
Yes, it requires a lot of hard work and self motivation, but as far as freelance writing goes, this is the most independent type possible. All deadlines and expectations are totally self imposed, which, although that doesn’t make them any less stringent, does make them considerably more tolerable. I don’t ever have to complain about some other guy. And that’s a good feeling.

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