This seemed like a logical first step for me, so I sat down in the garden, (where else) and I wrote down six steps.

Here is what I decided I needed to do:

1) Choose/Purchase/Host a domain name (This isn’t strictly necessary, it was just something I prefer personally. It would be just as easy to use Blogger or WordPress  blog hosting. I personally prefer having a real I’m not going to mess with the technical nitty-gritty in this blog. I can do it for you, or you can Google it like I did, and spend a long afternoon learning how.)

2) Choose template/Design cover graphics

3) Setup social media tie-ins:


4) Set up advertising (this is the obvious revenue source)

5) Begin writing and publishing blog posts.

6) Build social media presence

So here I go! Seems like as good a start as any!

Total Time Spent: 30 Minutes

Total Revenue: $0


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