I just created accounts for my new Blog, GreenUrb.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, and Pinterest, in about twenty minutes. Google first made me register as a human being, lending that typical creepy sensation that they just know way too much about me. Pinterest put me a on a wait for an invite. It was about 24 hours.

Then I realized that I didn’t have any content to fill these with. Things like “about me” or “profile”

This is a major personal moment in building the personal identity of the blog. The description of what the blog is about, as presented by the homepage and social media outlets.

This took me a little while. I wanted to  make sure that I used all of the words in the description that I use when I’m Googling gardening advice for myself (amateur SEO), and create an inviting ethos for the site.

I took pictures around my garden, lost a night’s sleep worrying about what direction I wanted to take the blog in, and wrote a bunch of really stupid sounding stuff, before I settled on an “about me” that was brief and effective. Readable and catchy.

Then I realized how empty all of this looks without content, and I remembered reading once that I should have had fifty posts (one months worth of content) made up in  advance.

Oops. New assignment.

Total cumulative time: 16 Hours
Total revenue: -$20.00

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