Make money blogging?
Sound’s way to good to be true, right?
Earn a living blogging?
It must be totally impossible.

But I’m going to try. And I’m going to take you with me.

In this blog I am going to chronicle my attempt to create a profitable blog about doing something I enjoy doing anyways: in this case gardening.

I am going to update this “meta-blog” in real time as I discover what I am doing right or
wrong. Mistakes are inevitable, and I will try to faithfully report each one that I make.

I will also maintain transparency here for the nitty gritty numbers of the blog: i.e. visitors, revenue, hours spent, and hairs pulled out. There aren’t enough strong figures on that available to the novice.

So here are my vital stats, so you know what sort of person you are taking all of this advice from:

I turned twenty-five yesterday, July 10, 2012.
I am essentially an unemployed, recent college graduate.
I live just outside of Boston, with my fiancé, her grandmother, and our dog, Toby.
I am an avid amateur gardener, but no professional, nor do I hope to be one.
I DO have an English degree.
I DO NOT have technical expertise.
I DO love to write.
I DO NOT love computers.
I DO love working in my yard.
I have never blogged for fun or profit before.
Most importantly:
I have three more months until my savings from four years of tending bar run out
I never want to work in a bar again.


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