Maximizing content and quality SEO are still important factors in driving website traffic.  Adding a blog to your site is a great way to increase traffic from new sources, building sales leads and profitability.
Blog posts are the meat and potatoes of content-driven websites.  They are vital for generating traffic from search engines, driving new readers to the website.  If they are well written, in such a way that and SEO work isn’t obtrusive in the readability, they can also be valuable in building customer loyalty. Furthermore, they can be an important component in making sure that the website is updated frequently enough to maintain reader interest.
I specialize in high quality SEO blog posts that doesn’t sacrifice readability or user experience.  As search engine algorithms advance and improve, SEO techniques are shifting. Many of the old black-hat SEO tricks are becoming detrimental to search results. The only way to ensure high ranking on Google and other search engines in to display relevant, high quality content.  I specialize in writing exactly that kind of SEO content.