Content marketing is an entire subset of marketing that focuses on creating value to your website that is independent of, but still related to, the product or service you are selling. A quality content marketing campaign can drive website traffic adding SEO content and building user-value,  and increase sales for your company through soft-selling.

As search engine algorithms advance and improve, SEO techniques are shifting. Many of the old black-hat SEO tricks are becoming detrimental to search results. The only way to ensure high ranking on Google an d other search engines in to display relevant, high quality content.  I specialize in writing exactly that kind of SEO content.

Gregory Racine Writing and Editing can produce a content marketing campaign that will immediately set your business apart from the competition, building trust in your brand and name recognition.  From blogs, to video scripts, to infographics, to product reviews and more, I can create exactly the type of content your website needs to out-perform the competition.