Motivation is always an issue as a freelance writer, especially in blogging, because there is so much work that goes in before payday. Still, if you want to make money, you have to put the time in. How do you handle it?

1. Make a routine.

If you want to make money, you have to treat writing a blog just like a job. You go to work, you do the work, and you get the paycheck. Find the time that works for you, and stick with it, day in and day out. Blogging success is built on frequent, reliable, quality content. Carve out the hours every day.

2. Give yourself a buffer.

Bad days happen. They’re inevitable. Have an extra post ready  just in case, so that you don’t lose your momentum. If you have a really good day, write an extra post or two that isn’t time sensitive. Have it in reserve for when you really need a day off. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

3. Run the numbers.

Check your website traffic. Make it a game, beat your personal best days, weeks, and months. The numbers don’t lie. And the numbers justify the work over the long run. Remember, to make a “living,” you’re shooting for at least $35,000/year, or a hundred dollars a day, every single day. What kind of hourly wage do you think you deserve? That’s right. Spend a few hours and power through.

4. Get into it.

Do you recall why you picked the subject for your blog? That’s right, it was supposed to be about something you enjoyed anyways. For me, it’s gardening. When I don’t want to write, I pull weeds, root cuttings, or mow my (miniscule) lawn. I’d be doing it anyway, and therein lies the beauty of being a freelance writer: you always have permission to follow your whims, and that will inspire your writing.

5. Tell everyone.

Everyone that you know. When your friends and family are asking you at every turn how your blog is doing, or asking why they haven’t seen a post for a few days, you don’t want to feel like a jerk. And you will. And that will make you work harder.

6. Change the scenery.

As a freelance writer you can work from anywhere. Lay in bed. Go out for coffee. Sit at a bar. Sit in the park. I’ve done great writing hiding in the bathroom. The world is your office. I also love to switch up my writing utensils. After spending all day staring at the screen of my laptop, sometimes it really blows out the cobwebs to sit down with good old fashioned pen and paper.

7. Scope the competition

Remember, when you aren’t working, someone else is. See what they’re up to. See what they do better than you, and see what they do worse. I guarantee you’ll feel motivated either way.

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