Content marketing is a powerful “new” tool for small business marketing, and it is just starting to take off in the Boston, Massachusetts area. I say “new” like that because it’s not exactly new, it’s experiencing a renaissance of sorts.  Content marketing of old was in forms like Campbell’s Soup Recipe’s or almanacs put out by farm supply companies. The kind of marketing your grandparents could get into.

Content marketing today is faster, fun, and web-based. That’s why it’s making a comeback. Search engines like Google have gotten wise to so-called “Black-Hat” SEO tricks. A whole industry is disappearing (good riddance!) and a new one is springing up to replace it.

Content is King

Websites today run on content. Quality Content. Let me emphasize: QUALITY CONTENT.

Content mills are springing up all over the place. Many of these offer low quality content at low prices, written in far-away places with dicey grammar and near-zero research. Although they can offer keyword density, these content mills detract from the user experience, and ultimately give your website a low-rent feel— not what you want to convey to your potential customers.

Gregory Racine Writing and Editing Content Marketing
Freelance writers all around the country are jumping on board this new trend in business, and they are creating great content for websites.  Quality content.  This means blogs. This means tweets and Facebook posts. This means infographics and video scripts and even memes.

Content marketing builds trust in a brand. Your readers and followers trust your content, so they will trust your brand. If they go to you for information they can trust, they will go to you for a product they can trust.

Content marketing is an evolution of word-of-mouth advertising. Content marketing is made for social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. People share quality content, because it pertains to them and the people they know. The value is in the content itself, and the trust is transferred to the product.  Content marketing drives traffic to your website, as a direct referral from friend to friend. By posting quality content on the web, you can become the company that is implicitly suggested among friends and business partners.

Content marketing: A smart step for your small business.